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Irlen Screening
Irlen Screening

Irlen screening

Irlen Syndrome is a visual perception problem corrected by use of color tinted lenses or color overlays for reading. Certified Irlen screeners are educators who are trained to identify Irlen Syndrome and determine which colored plastic overlay will most improve reading capabilities.

The symptoms often associated with Irlen Syndrome include:

  • light sensitivity
  • problems with high gloss white materials
  • poor reading abilities
  • attention deficit
  • strain or fatigue
  • poor depth perception
  • headaches

What to do if you don’t know

If an individual exhibits some of these symptoms, you may want to discuss the benefits of screening. A certified Irlen screener can evaluate an individual who may be affected by Irlen Syndrome.

To learn more about Irlen Syndrome, visit the Irlen Institute website at It has an abundance of reliable information on symptoms and treatment.

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