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Website Links

Berard AIT Website (
Dedicated to the promotion of genuine Berard AIT. This website provides a worldwide list of Berard Practitioners and information about Berard AIT that will help those who are seeking the genuine Berard program.

The Berard AIT Channel on YouTube provides a variety of short videos in multiple languages. These videos provide a quick review of different components of Berard AIT. This is an excellent resource for gaining deeper understanding of the Berard method.

Dr. Berard's Website (
Provides important information on his method and equipment. He has posted key guidelines for Berard AIT and some interesting articles for parents and professionals. (
The official Earducator 6/F™ website provides information about the Berard approved AIT device, the Earducator 6/F™.

Autism Research Institute (
Excellent information and resources for autism. List of DAN! practitioners in the U.S. and foreign countries.

Developmental Delay Resources: (
excellent information for autism and other developmental disabilities. Resources about sensory integration dysfunction and a variety of healthy options for intervention.