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Berard AIT

The Berard method of AIT improves learning, language and social skills

Individuals with auditory and sensory processing problems have difficulty interpreting daily experiences. The capacity to hear and communicate is compromised. Behavioral issues and social skills are often affected as a result.

“We have a different child than we had prior to Auditory Integration Training. Brendan has become a much happier, loving child who is a pleasure to everyone who has a relationship with him. I think you can count our family among your biggest successes. Thank you so much for your guidance and commitment to our son.”

Sarah, parent

The Berard method of Auditory Integration Training (AIT) helps reorganize the brain to improve auditory and sensory processing capabilities. Participants use headphones to comfortably listen to AIT auditory stimulation. This reorganizes the dysfunctional sensory center so the brain no longer gets overloaded with disorganized information.

Language, learning and social abilities develop more normally and participants are better able to excel as a result.

This method of auditory training was originally developed by Dr. Guy Berard – a French ear, nose and throat physician – who successfully used this technique with thousands of people in Europe.

The Berard system of AIT has since become regarded as the most effective approach available for enhanced listening skills, language, learning and sound tolerance.

Certain indications an individual could benefit from AIT

The following difficulties may present the opportunity to benefit from AIT:

  • Poor attention
  • Slower thinking and processing
  • Difficulty listening, understanding, and remembering
  • Incorrectly understanding and following directions
  • Brain “traffic jams” when processing sensory information
  • Hindered ability to put ideas in sequence
  • Sound hyper (over-sensitive) and hypo-sensitivity (tuned out)
  • Low tolerance for distractions

Berard AIT program and consultation

Participants often benefit from just ten days of AIT training, with two thirty-minute sessions a day. A system with proven results is merged with expertise and personal care from professional Berard AIT practitioners.

More information about what to consider and the AIT process is available on our website. Or you can contact us to discuss your situation more specifically and receive referrals.