Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements

A world leader in Berard AIT and Special Needs Children

As an Auditory Integration Training expert and motivational special education consultant, Sally Brockett provides professional staff development workshops for educational agencies. Sally is also often invited to speak to parent support groups.

Presentation topics for conferences, workshops, seminars and parent group meetings have included:

  • “Do you Hear What I Hear?” : Understanding Auditory Processing Dysfunctions and Use of AIT as a Retraining Program
  • Understanding Behavior from a Sensory and Movement-Based Perspective
  • Using the Hierarchy of Development to Prioritize Treatment Options
  • Using Effective Teaching Strategies to Facilitate Student Progress
  • Addressing Sensory Processing Difficulties: Stimulation of Vestibular Function through Auditory Retraining
  • Establishing Independent Activities for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
  • Steps to Success: Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum
  • Combining Best Classroom Practices for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Speaking arrangements can be formatted as keynote, a breakout session or a full-day training program. A variety of conferences, workshops, seminars and parent group meetings have benefited from Sally’s energetic and informative presentations.

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