The Process
The Process

An overview of the Berard AIT program

The Berard AIT program is ten days of training. Each day consists of two thirty minute sessions separated by a three hour break (go to the park, relax at a hotel or other activities of interest). Preferably the ten days are consecutive running through weekends. We sometimes schedule the ten days with a weekend break in the middle.

Participants listen to specially modulated music through an instrument called an Earducator™ during our training sessions. The process is non-intrusive and rarely do we have instances where participants get uncomfortable. It’s a very relaxed environment.

Our on-site library provides guests with access to a wealth of information on the most current interventions and healthy options for individuals with special needs.

An excellent investment in the overall well being of an individual

The cost is $1500 for the ten day AIT program, which includes the audiologist exams, parent consultations, aftercare information, progress monitoring for 6 months, and parent informational meetings on a variety of topics. (A second family member is $1300).

Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining this important educational service.

Some school systems have funded AIT programs as an educationally related service. We counsel parents who wish to approach the schools for funding on the best ways to manage this process.

Other possible sources of funds are fraternal organizations, civic organizations, churches, family members, and disability service organizations such as United Cerebral Palsy, Children’s Miracle Network, Medicaid Waiver and Family Support Grants.

Use the online form or call (203) 234-7401 to discuss the possibilities you might want to consider.